Cocaine Defense Lawyer, Angleton, TX

If you were accused of possession of a controlled substance, and that substance is cocaine, you need to know that it’s felony offense which could result in long-term prison sentence. I’m Attorney Sandra J. Oballe, an experienced criminal defense lawyer based in Angleton, TX with a wealth of experience fighting for folks who are dealing with felony charges related to cocaine.

Cocaine Possession & Texas Law

No matter how large or small the quantity of cocaine involved with your case, the offense is classified as a felony. This includes trace amounts of the drug. People convicted in connection with cocaine can face anywhere from two years in Texas State Jail to a life sentence. The severity of the criminal penalty and prison sentence for people convicted of possession of cocaine depends on the amount of the drug associated with their case and any related criminal records on the accused. If the defendant is determined to be a repeat offender, the court may throw the book at them.

If you need to talk with an Angleton criminal defense lawyer, call Sandra J. Oballe at 979-265-6800.


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